My name is Jim Oliver.

I have over 10 years experience in marketing, technical writing, technical training, and public speaking.

I also produce teleseminars and information products on a variety of topics.

I love permaculture, gardening, hiking, sailing, cooking, eating safe foods, drinking safe water, and breathing clean air.

I host this blog.

I also create the cartoons posted in this blog. Feel free to print out a copy of the cartoons you like and post them at your home or office for personal use. They are intended to be conversation starters and reminders of issues we seldom see in the news.

I have many passions in life. One is a passion for doing the right thing.

Right now, for me, the right thing is to learn as much as I can about the problems that face our life on this planet and pass it on to others.

I also want to highlight and explain solutions to those problems.

We cannot create a legacy such as leaving a healthy planet for our great great grandchildren unless we focus on what we want and what we can do.

We need to clearly define the problems and then focus on the solutions.

If we only focus on the problems and spend our energy and time blaming others we will get nowhere fast.

I think we are in front a tsunami of change that will dwarf the industrial revolution.

That tsunami of change will impact the quality of life we pass on to future generations.

The challenge for individuals and communities today is:

  • learning to adapt to the rapid changes
  • making many wise informed choices along the way

This blog is my attempt to help us make those wise informed choices.

Send your comments and questions to contact [at] ThereIsNoPlanetB [dot] com

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