Why are there cartoons on this blog?

The cartoons on this blog are social objects.

A social object is a conversation starter, an idea starter, a thought virus.

The goal is to provide cartoons to spark conversations and enhance relationships that revolve around Clean Energy.

A social object is the reason a group comes together in the first place. It helps define what the group has in common.

A social object starts a conversation. That conversation is more important than the social object that started the conversation.

My use of social objects has been inspired by:

  • Hugh MacLeod (www.gapingvoid.com)
  • Seth Godin (author of Purple Cow)
  • Jyri Engestrom (anthropologist and Jaiku founder)

The cartoons on this blog are available for free – for your personal use.

If you want a privately-commissioned social object or to license the commercial use of an existing cartoon, contact me.

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